Thursday 16 June 2011

Comics Mart Army

Ok, Basically this post is all about who is the person, what Organization/Faction model they have and points available.

Shaun Chia: Black Church
Points Available:1100 not including upgrades
Models: Alis Testarrosa, Saint Astraega, Azriel, Damien, Saint Elienai, Evangeline, Grey, Saint Hazael,
             Justina, Luzbell, Lostaroth Marchosias, Nero, Romeo Exxet, Xavier, Gemini,
             Elhaym Maiden Of Light, Alius, Holy Soldier,Arkham, Kingsley Warlock, Promethea,
             Raziel Archetypum x1, Raziel NK-X x1, Styx, Type-005 x1, Clover.

Leonard Tai: Azur Alliance, Church, Samael, Misc
Points Available: 860 not including upgrades
Models: Adolf Brunner, Frey, Freya, Hel, Jerome, Deadmoon, Kirsten, Reinhold, Kerberos, Azur Agent x2, 
             Romeo, Marchosias, Evangeline, Aoi, Yuki, Samael Agent, Belith, Arias Vayu, Kronen.

Abdul Rahman Ibrahim: Empire, Wanderer
Points Available: 445 not including upgrades
Models: Vayl, Janus, Daniella, Lilian, Iosora, Yuri, Tiamat, Empire Agent, Drake, Sophia.

Jason Chew: Wissenchaft, Wanderer
Points Available: 420 not including upgrades
Models: Legacy of soloman, Celia, Goethia, Cordelia Rosalind, Alessa Raincross, Sophia Ilmora, 
             Khaine D'Lacreu, Wissenschaft Agent, XII 

Chong Yee How: Samael Angry Party with Wanderers
Points Available: 440 not including upgrades
Models: Konosuke, Aoi Inukai , Bael, Shinigami Ayl , Janiel , Kairos, Genma, Li Long, Jiang Pao, Lin Pao

Fahimy Kamaruddin: Unknown =O
Points Available: 1200 not including upgrades
Models: Solomon, Grimorium x2, Goethia x2, Daniella, Kronen, Duncan Reid, Evangeline, Alis Testarossa,  
             Harod, Kristen, Covel, Takanosuke, Akio Kageshima, Bella+Aqua, Faust Orbatos, Kagemaru,  
             Al-Djinn x2, Fire Demon, Lord of Darkness, Shinobi x4

The others just write down your Organization/Factions, points available to play and models u have at the facebook group page. Will constantly be updating this page.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Stocks, Events and Etc

Under Stocks, Events and Etc,

I have updated the database to show what models are available at Comics Mart,

Do check it out and drop by to purchase some of your favorite models for your army.

In the future I will publish which faction/organization armies are available to play at Comics Mart.

Example: Shaun Chia : (Black Church)
               Points Available: ***
               Models : Romeo Exxet, Etc

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Comics Mart Tournament

Comics Mart Anima Tactics Tournament

Date: 12th June 2011

Time: 2pm

Points: 250 points, 25 points for advantage cards, 2 Gnosis & 1 Organization advantage included.

Rules: Minimum Basecoat (black or white), WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) No Proxy Models

Rounds: 4 rounds of round robin, points determined by win/draw/loss

Fee: Rm 5

1st Place Prize: Rm 35 voucher for any Anima Tactics related item.

Army List of each player will be updated after the tournament is finish to avoid tailors list advantages

Current Players Registered: Shaun Chia (Church)
                                          Aik Dwin    (Empire)

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Factions / Organizations

This are the current people using their current Factions / Organizations.

Azur Alliance: Loke Chun Kit
                      Louis Png
                      Leonard Tai

Black Sun: Shaun Chia
                 Wesley Goh

Church: Shaun Chia
             Ernest Wee

Empire: Aik Dwin
            Dillon Wong
            David Lian

Samael: Chong Yee How
             Mohd Adisa
             Carlson Chan
Wissenchaft: Fahimy
                   Jason Chew
                   Tay Jin Aun

There will be more updates in the future.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Morrigan Samael

It seems that Morrigan is finally ready for Samael Factions.

Here are the pix.

Azur Alliance

Cipher Studio has came out a new model for Azur Alliance.

High Arbiter AIZEN. =.= No not from Bleach.
and they came out a Wissenchaft male agent.

Check out the abilities at Azur page.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Your Army

Faster finish painting your army so i can take pix and post it here. =)